Saturday, April 7, 2007


As usual, I have 3 chapters to read and 2 papers to complete by Wednesday-- so what do I do? Set up a blog!I've decided to join the rest of the cyber dorks and document the trip I am about to take, mostly for me to look back on when life returns to "normal" (and it will give my parents some peace-of-mind that their daughter didn't get eaten by a python). As many of you know, my life is in an extremely transitional state right now so writing about it is somewhat cathartic. I'll try to stick to the facts and not stray too far into the philosophical debates inside my head, but I can't make any promises. Especially when I am with Tiffany... (love you, Tiff)

I officially got everything booked last week, and $4,000 later (ugh) I am headed to Japan, Thailand, India, possibly Nepal, Italy, Sweden, England, hopefully some more of Europe time permitting, then on to Morocco and Ghana. 3 continents in 4 months. Originally I was going to meet Tiff in Dehli, India but after some major arm twisting I am meeting her back in Thailand--This is kinda how it went--Tiff to Maggie: "You should come back and visit me in paradise for a week before we go to one of the hottest, dirtiest, crowded-est places in the entire world" --It took a lot of convincing.

I am spending about 3 weeks in Japan, staying with a friend in Kyoto and another in Toyko. Ironically, my dad might be in Japan at the same time so that would be great. I'd tag along with him when he goes to interview very important people and visit very important places. And maybe I'll even get my picture in the Dispatch! (right, I know Dad, not allowed). From Japan I'll meet Tiffany in Koh Phangan (an island off the southern coast of Thailand--it's where I took the sunset picture on here) and together we will fly from Bangkok to Dehli and quickly hop in a taxi to take us to Rishikesh. Apparently Delhi isn't the best place for two little American girls to be hangin' by themselves. We will spend close to a month in northern India and possibly travel to Nepal depending on how we're feeling. Personally, I'd like to say I went to Kathmandu, because until recently all I knew about it was that Bob Seger sang about how badly he wanted to "get out of here and go to Kathmandu" (A feeling I can relate to...)

From Delhi we fly to Rome, where we will go meet Tiffany's adopted Italian family in Viareggio. She will likely spend her entire time in Europe in Italy. Me on the other hand...well, who knows what I'll do. I do know I will be making a trip to Stockholm to visit my cousin-in-law, Micaela and watch a soccer game that one of my friends plays for in the Swedish Preimer Division. I'm hoping I can talk Micaela into taking a long weekend (or more) to do a little traveling around Europe. We'll see how it all works out. I don't have any concrete plans aside from Sweden so it's WIDE open. I'll meet back up with Tiff in Italy and we'll fly from Rome to Casablanca, Morocco at the beginning of August. Depending on the political/safety/terrorism scene there at the time we are planning on staying for 2 weeks. If we aren't feeling great about the situation that could potentially change. From Casablanca we head to Accra, Ghana which I am SO looking forward to. From Ghana we fly back to NYC--yes, Tiff is coming back with me! And I go straight to a intensive residency program at Seton Hall. That'll be fun--9 hours of class a day on total jetlag. But hey, my delirium will give my classmates something to psychoanalize, right?

It's still surreal that I am actually doing this. I only have one expectation for the trip--to come back changed. Not in a bad way, but in a way that allows me to have an even bigger view of this crazy world, and a way that reminds me that it's a lot bigger than me and my stuff...bigger than all of us. Ok...more on the deep stuff later. Maybe after a hookah bar in Rishikesh or something...

So...that's the plan. I leave May 1, return Sept 4, and in between hopefully make the most of every second of this experience.For those recieving the link to this blog, I just wanted to thank you for being my friends and being here for me. Love you all lots. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.


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Kelli said...

Hi MagPie,

Wow! I am so excited for you and the upcoming adventure. You deserve it. I cannot wait to hear about it...remember to include food descriptions in all of the blogs :) You know how happy that makes me. I miss you! And yes, I will call you very soon. Life has been insane. Much love, L.H. (aka Kelli)