Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thanks, Dispatch

This is a "thank The Dispatch" and "please keep reading" post. If they haven't already, The Dispatch travel section will soon be removing my blog promotion (not really "tavelingmaggie" at the moment). I've decided to keep writing, and when I get back to Italy it'll be more frequent, as I'm sure I'll want to document what it's like to live in a small Italian village and attempt to learn that beautiful language.

So I wanted to thank the Dispatch for following my voyage--knowing that it was being promoted through the paper and the website really did motivate me to write as much as possible. Personally, it has been great to look back on where was I was and what I've done. I've gotten wonderful support from both people I know and people I've never met--thank you.

If you usually find my blog through the Dispatch webpage, and are interested in following along, you can just got to:

Happy Holidays!