Monday, April 9, 2007


So, based on these (and a very worried father) we might have to re-think going to Nepal. As of right now, it doesn't sound like the smartest place for us to visit...

Important Security Information for American Citizens in Nepal

Travel Warning

Maybe since we'll be in Northern India we'll just hit up Pakistan instead. (kidding, Dad.)


Ben Marrison said...


I used to think your dad got all the writing genes in Westerville. Now it's clear that you got more than he did. Joe, you're fired. Maggie, you're hired. (Please don't include your dad in any photos, or we won't be able to publish them.) You're a gifted young woman, and a lucky one at that. Stay safe.

AB said...

Mag, you know I laughed out loud when I read the comment about going to Pakistan!! Seriously, have a wonderful time and stay safe. Can't wait to read more. You know we all live vicariously through Todd and now you!! Love ya, AB

Jeremy said...

puleezz... if we did everything the state department told us, we'd all have 10 foot walls around our homes and have supplies air-dropped in by the military. I always double/triple/quadruple/etc. cross-reference any travel warnings issued by the state dept. particularly with sources outside the US.

Anyway, I couldn't imagine passing up the chance to lay my own eyes on those endless strands of brightly colored prayer flags snapping in the mountain breeze, and, if just for a moment, share a breath of pure isolation and peace with those that make it their life's work.