Friday, September 14, 2007


This is what I did in the 72 hours it took me to get from Italy to New York. I am taking a statistics class this semester, so I figured I would get a head start...

A statistical breakdown of my trip:

3 Continents
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa
8 Countries
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Italy
  • England
  • Sweden
  • Morocco
  • Spain

26 Cities

  • Japan--Osaka, Kyoto, Toyko, Omi Nagaoka, Kamakurra
  • Thailand--Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Phagnan
  • India--Delhi, McLeod Ganj, Bagsu/Upper Bagsu
  • Italy--Rome, Lecce, Viareggio, Florence, Sternatia, Otranto, Santa Cesearia, Gallipoli
  • England--London
  • Sweden--Stockholm
  • Morocco--Casablanca, Asilah, Tangier
  • Spain--Barcelona, Girona

16 Flights (not including connecting flights--only starting destination to ending destination)

  • Ohio-Osaka
  • Osaka-Bangkok
  • Bangkok-Koh Samui
  • Koh Samui-Bangkok
  • Bangkok-Delhi
  • Delhi-Rome (when I met Paolo!)
  • Rome-London
  • London-Stockholm
  • Stockholm-London
  • London-Lecce
  • Rome-Casablanca
  • Tangier-Barcelona
  • Girona-Rome
  • Rome-Casablanca
  • Casablanca-NYC
  • NYC-Columbus

13 DIFFERENT types of transportation

  • taxis-in all 8 countries
  • trains-in 6 countries (including the Shinkensen in Japan and overnight trains in India and Italy)
  • subways-in 5 countries
  • cars-in 3 countries
  • buses- in 3 countries
  • Other--bicycles, ferry, motorbike, tuk-tuk, water taxi, rickshaw, horse-cart, tram

26 Hotels/Hostels/Places to stay

  • Japan- 2 (1 guesthouse and 1 hostel)
  • Thailand- 4 (Tiff's house, 2 hotels, 1 hostel)
  • India- 3 (2 hotels, 1 guesthouse)
  • Italy- 9 (2 hotels, 2 hostels, 4 friend's houses, 1 villa)
  • London- 2 (Tom's house, 1 guesthouse)
  • Sweden- 1 (Micaela's house)
  • Morocco- 3 (2 hotels, 1 guesthouse)
  • Spain- 2 (1 guesthouse, 1 friend's house)

Time spent in each place (approx)

  • Japan- 3 weeks
  • Thailand-2 weeks
  • India- 2.5 weeks
  • Italy-1 month, 1 week
  • England-5 days
  • Sweden-5 days
  • Morocco-10 days
  • Spain- 7 days


  • 2 toenail causalities due to mountain climbing
  • puncture wound in my heel from a sea creature
  • staph infection in my toe
  • kidney stone
  • sinus infection
  • dropped a marble slab on my big toe, and it took the first few layers of skin off (this was shortly before I left, at Paolo's house...I was cleaning his bathroom. From now on he cleans the bathroom...) **ALL toe problems happened on my left foot. It is a wonder I came back with 2 feet.


climbed a scuba licensure...went in an Onsen with a bunch of naked Japanese people...prayed at the Dali Lamas temple...swam in 4 different seas...belly danced...ate ALL KINDS of ethnic cuisine...visited a hospital (as a patient)...slept in bedrooms with total strangers (who often became friends) lost (a lot) found...met amazing people...forgave...walked A LOT...studied...fell in love...

All in all, I think I accomplished what I set out to do. My goal was to come back changed...and after a trip like that there is no way I will ever be the same. My eyes see things differently now, and they can't seem to get enough. The world is so much smaller, the people are so much nicer, going to other countries is NOT difficult. It is nothing to be scared of or nervous about. If you are careful, open to differences and can adapt, seeing the world is the best thing anyone can do.

PS.I am slowly but surely getting all of my pictures posted and writing captions for all of them. It is a tedious and time consuming process. I have finished Morocco and am almost done with Spain. Then I will go back and caption the rest of them.

PPS. Ohio is really nice.


Anonymous said...

Amazing.. I wish I could do that too. You should count the number of friends you made. Am sure it is impressive too. :)

Todd said...

Now you are talking girl.
Love hear more of what you have learned as you continue to process. You are right about having "new" eyes and the world is much smaller. Traveling will do that to you.
The reality of the world goes against what we see in the news and that old clique of "the world being a dangerous place". The truth is the world is a beautiful place. Danger DOES NOT lurk around every corner. Of course there are places where you must be weary, but the world is a symphony of the most beautiful music. Music that if you stop to appreciate it and put is in perspective will tell you when the situation is dangerous, if the situation is joyful, when the situation is unlike anything you have experienced. Plug yourself into that music, without an iPod, without your friend. And see what you discover about yourself, the world, and the new friends you will find .
Traveling may be one of the best mirrors to yourself you can find.
It is much easier than you think to travel to another country. It takes patience, perseverance and...What else? that you are back?
Thanks Maggs. Peace.
Cousin Todd